22 June

US Weather events

US Weather events

1947 70 yrs ago
Twelve inches of rain fell in forty-two minutes at Holt, MO, establishing a world rainfall record. That record was tied on January 24-25, 1956, at the Kilauea Sugar Plantation in Hawaii, as their state record was established with 38 inches of rain in 24 hours. (The Weather Channel)
1972 45 yrs ago
Hurricane Agnes deluged Pennsylvania and New York State with torrential rains resulting in the most costly flood in U.S. history. In the Middle Susquehanna Valley of Pennsylvania, 24 hour rainfall amounts were generally 8 to 12 inches, with up to 19 inches in extreme southwestern Schuylkill County. At Wilkes-Barre, PA, the dike was breached destroying much of the town. Flooding resulted in 117 deaths and 3.1 billion dollars damage. (David Ludlum)
1981 36 yrs ago
A young woman from Lubbock, TX, was struck by lightning. The bolt of lightning struck just above her right shoulder near her neck, and passed right to left through her body, tearing her warm-ups, causing her tennis shoes to explode, and lifting her two feet into the air. (The Weather Channel)
1987 30 yrs ago
Thunderstorms in southern Texas produced wind gusts to 116 mph near Quemado. Thunderstorms in New York State produced 5.01 inches of rain in 24 hours at Buffalo, an all-time record for that location, and produced an inch of rain at Bath, PA. The temperature at Fairbanks AK soared to 92 degrees, establishing a record for the date. (The National Weather Summary)
1988 29 yrs ago
Sixty-five cities in twenty-four states reported record high temperatures for the date. Tucson AZ reported an all-time record high of 114 degrees, surpassing the previous record of 112 degrees established a day earlier. Highs of 98 degrees at Pittsburgh, PA, and 100 degrees at Baltimore, MD, tied records for the month of June. (The National Weather Summary)
1989 28 yrs ago
Record cold temperatures were reported in the High Plains Region. Rapid City, SD, reported a record low of 39 degrees, in sharp contrast to their record high of 102 degrees two days earlier, on the 20th. (The National Weather Summary)
Origine dati: http://www.weatherforyou.com/

World records

World records

1947 70 yrs ago
Most ever recorded rain in one hour: 305 mm (12.0 in) (in 42 minutes) - Holt, Missouri, U.S.
2003 14 yrs ago
Largest circumference hail officially measured: 47.6 cm (18.75 in) circumference, 18 cm (7.0 in) diameter, Aurora, Nebraska

F5 tornadoes

F5 tornadoes

1919 98 yrs ago
Fergus Falls, Minnesota 1958 fatalities
1919 Fergus Falls tornado – This tornado produced extreme damage in Fergus Falls. A three-block-wide swath was leveled, with some homes swept away. Several summer homes were swept away into Lake Alice. A train station was swept away, railroad tracks were ripped from the ground, and a large three-story hotel was completely leveled. Numerous small trees were completely debarked.
Rated F5/EF5, or mentioned as a possible F5/EF5 by tornado expert Thomas P. Grazulis
1944 73 yrs ago
Grant County, Wisconsin–Stephenson County, Illinois 2008 fatalities
This long-tracked tornado destroyed many homes in both states.
Listed as an F5/EF5 on the 2000 NCDC tornado climatology memo
2007 10 yrs ago
Elie, Manitoba 2017 fatalities
Elie, Manitoba tornado – Two homes were swept away, including one that was well-bolted to its foundation. A few of the bolts themselves were snapped off. A van was thrown several hundred yards through the air, and nearby trees were debarked as well. Only officially rated F5 tornado in Canada. Last tornado to be rated F5 due to Environment Canada utilizing the Enhanced Fujita Scale on April 1, 2013.
Official F5/EF5; undisputed

Deadly earthquakes

Deadly earthquakes

22.06.1932 12.59 UTC 85 yrs ago
Mexico (mappa) , 25 km deep Magnitudo: 6.9 UK
Secondary effectstsunami
Total deaths resulting from an earthquake (Utsu catalog)75

22.06.1939 19.19 UTC 78 yrs ago
Ghana (mappa) , 13 km deep Magnitudo: 6.4 UK
Total deaths resulting from an earthquake (Utsu catalog)22

22.06.1981 17.53 UTC 36 yrs ago
Peru (mappa) , 15.6 km deep Magnitudo: 5.8
Deaths resulting from earthquake shaking6
Total fatalities resulting from earthquake shaking and secondary effects6
Total deaths resulting from an earthquake (Utsu catalog)6

22.06.1993 16.32 UTC 24 yrs ago
Iran (mappa) , 12.6 km deep Magnitudo: 5.3
Secondary effectslandslide
Deaths resulting from earthquake shaking0
Total fatalities resulting from earthquake shaking and secondary effects0
Total deaths resulting from an earthquake (Emergency Events Database)24

22.06.2002 02.58 UTC 15 yrs ago
Iran (mappa) , 11 km deep Magnitudo: 6.5
Deaths resulting from earthquake shaking261
Total fatalities resulting from earthquake shaking and secondary effects261
Total deaths resulting from an earthquake (Utsu catalog)227
Total deaths resulting from an earthquake (Emergency Events Database)227


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